The Red Lion

If you only do one pub in St James’s, make it this bobby-dazzler. The interior is an utterly irresistible & quintessential mix of original ornate mahogany & sparkling ‘brilliant-cut’ mirrored glass – a taste of ‘upstairs’ for the ‘downstairs’ staff who once ran the area’s grand houses.

Squeeze in at the island bar if you can, & order whatever takes your fancy from the boozy range on offer – a pint of Fullers Discovery, Jack Frost or Gale’s Seafarers Ale perhaps? You can also pick up Champagne at well below normal West End prices. Food is the expected mix of bangers, fish, sarnies & pies – this is hardly the place for upstart sushi & mezze platters. The Lion does a roaring trade at lunchtime & as the offices tip out on weekdays, as well as picking up the tourists & shoppers on Saturday.
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